2021 Rules: Please read the ‘Street of Lights’ display rules below, it is required for entry.

  1. Entries must be received by Monday, November 24th.
  2. Electronic registration & payments only at www.kingmandowntownmerchantsassociation.com
  3. Registration Fee is $50.00 (Donations accepted)
  4. Need payment exception? email kingmandowntownmerchantsassoc@gmail.com
  5. Per the City of Kingman, nothing may be handed, tossed, or thrown to the moving traffic in the middle of Beale Street. Waking paths are an exception as long as there is safe passage keeping COVID19 SANITATION in mind, ALONG WITH 6’ SOCIAL DISTANCING MANAGED in front of your display and keeping the flow of walkers, in movement at all times. NO DIRECT SALES OR SOLICITATIONS– Unless prior arrangements as vendor position has been granted & approved. ANY VIOLATION WILL BE DISQUALIFICATION IN NEXT YEAR’S EVENT.
  6. The Display order is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED (with all your vehicle entries present at the time of staging) and will be determined by the event Committee. Unless prior arrangements as display position has been granted & approved. *** NO SANTA CLAUSES or Santa look-a-likes ARE ALLOWED IN your DISPLAY EXCEPT FOR THE OFFICIAL KINGMAN SANTA CLAUSE at the end of the display lineup.
  7. Official check in & staging will begin at 3 PM. Location for checking in will be on Beale Street starting at 5th Street. JUDGING will begin at 5:30 pm. All entries must be lit. Winning entries will be announced by the broadcasters, in the Standard Newspaper 12/9/20 edition and posted on Social Media after the event. Plaques will need to be picked up at The Standard Newspaper, 221 E Beale Street by the close of the event.
  8. The ‘Street of Lights’ display’ Waking path opens 5:00. Driving-lane opens promptly at 6:00 PM and runs through 9:00 PM Once you are staged and in place, your entry display will not be able to leave until closing at 10:00 PM. KDMA and the City of Kingman will not be responsible for loss or theft. Do not leave your display unattended. Vendors at Beale Celebrations will be from 10am-9pm.
  9. All participants MUST be appropriately lighted.
  10. This is a Christmas Street of Lights! With 2021 being a challenging year, families and community will come together to enjoy the start of the Christmas Season to have fun, be amazed by the lights and sounds of the season. ALL ENTRIES shall reflect the theme of the parade; In the Spirit of the Season. As a ‘Happy Holidays’ message of hope.
  11. No advertising, slogans, signs, banners, flyers, or other display media that are deemed by Parade Officials to be in violations of Rule # 5 or that are improper, obscene, or discriminatory based on race, color creed, sex, age, national origin, political view or religion. We have the right to refuse any entry for any reason.
  12. The Event Committee accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY for false statements made by entry applicants.
  13. Entries may not exceed 30 feet in height, 40 feet in length, and 8 feet wide. Details will be needed during registration. Unless prior arrangements as vendor position has been granted & approved.
  14. Please put the FLOAT TITLE AND SPONSOR NAME on your entry so it is visible to the Reviewing Stand Judges.
  15. Forward progress must always be maintained throughout the Street of Lights event. There will be spectators on both sides of your display. Drive-by on one side and walking paths on the other. Except in case of emergency (medical or vehicle breakdown), entries may not “pull out” of the event until its conclusion.
  16. NO alcohol consumption before or during the parade is permitted by parade participants. Violators are subject to disqualification. ** Floats are the preferred entry for ‘Street of Lights’ displays. Stand alone heaters are allowed, keeping safety in mind. Also, 3.5 hours in place activities or actions are encouraged to make displays exciting. ALL PARADE RULES MUST BE FOLLOWED OR YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.